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Tennessee Fires


Marilyne Denham, formerly an agent in our office moved to Gatlinburg about a year ago when she got married. Marilyne and her husband know many people that have lost everything in the recent wildfires, including some without insurance. Even for those who have insurance it will be a long time before they can replace even a portion of what they've lost due to the long and difficult task of working through their insurance claims.


Fortunately, many of the victims have received some help already through donations of clothing and food gift cards. However, there are still many needs that remain unfulfilled, especially household items such as bed linens, towels, blankets, pots & pans, kitchen gadgets, or small appliances.


If you would like to help but don't know how, here is something you can do. Look around your home and if you have household items (no clothing) that are in good shape but you no longer need, please donate them to this cause. You might also ask your friends, family and clients to do the same thing.


Acceptance of donated home goods will begin immediately and our office will be the drop-off location. We will be working with Marilyne through Christmas to collect whatever we can and get it all transported to them as soon as possible.


Drop Off Location:

Berkshire Hathaway HomeService de Movellan Properties

171 Prosperous Place Lexington, Ky 40509

Monday - Friday 8am-5pm



Thank you in advance for your help and generosity!